Toric Recalls

A list of all posts relating to the problems with, and recalls of, several brands of contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision Manufacturing Ltd (UK).


CooperVision Recalls Avaira® Toric Contact Lenses (posted August 23, 2011)

Australia Confirms Global Avaira® Toric Contact Lens Recall (posted August 30, 2011

Cooper Recalls Avaira®, BioComfort XO, Encore 100 Contact Lenses (updated September 5, 2011)

FDA ‘Aware’ of CooperVision Contact Lens Recall (posted September 22, 2011)

CooperVision Expands Toric Contact Lens Recall (posted September 27, 2011)

Toric Contact Lens Recalls – More Brands May Be Involved (posted October 3, 2011)

CooperVision Drags Feet On US Contact Lens Recall (posted October 11, 2011)

CooperVision Acknowledges “Severe Eye Pain” (posted October 12, 2011)

More CooperVision Toric Lenses Identified As Problems (posted October 12, 2011)

CooperVision’s Avaira Lenses – Only 40% Of The Problem? (posted October 13, 2011)

CooperVision Avaira® Toric Recall Goes Public (posted October 14, 2011)

CooperVision Revisited (posted October 27, 2011)

CooperVision Expands Contact Lens Recall (posted November 15, 2011)

CooperVision Recall Hits Contact Lens Users in 69 Countries (posted November 18, 2011 and updated December 8, 2011)

Another FDA and CooperVision Runaround (posted November 23, 2011)

FDA Issues Warning Letter to CooperVision, Inc. (posted December 20, 2011)


9 thoughts on “Toric Recalls”

  1. I am llocate at Singapore. Recently I had brought a contact lens brand Cooper Vision Mediflex 55. I had been using other brands contact lens for a long time without any problem. The first day I wear the Cooper Vision Mediflex 55 contact, my eyes start to be uncomfortable feel itchy and pain. not long my eyes turn to red and very red. I try an new pair of contact lens and stil get the same effect. please advise what I can do for it ??


  2. I used to wear Ultra Flex 55 contacts by CooperVision and I developed a serious corneal ulcer: which has left me with serious scaring to my right eye. The scaring was so deep that i will most likely need a corneal transplant. What a Nightmare.


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