The Foodbuglady is moving on.

When I began writing eFoodAlert a little more than five years ago, my aim was to provide consumers around the world with current and comprehensive information on food recalls, food-borne disease outbreaks, and food safety issues. In 2008, reliable food safety blog sites were rarer than Salmonella-free chicken.

In the last five years, I have witnessed a heartening increase in the quantity, quality and accessibility of accurate food safety news and information. Food Safety News is an excellent source of information for the USA and Canada, and also covers major international stories; Le blog d’Albert Amgar provides a high calibre of information and commentary on France’s food safety scene; il fatto alimentare does the same for Italy.

I have made many ‘virtual friends’ via eFoodAlert, and I very much appreciate your support and comments over the years. I shall keep the eFoodAlert site operational, at least for the time being, so that anyone who wishes to do so can access the archives.

With my best wishes and sincere thanks,

Phyllis (aka Foodbuglady)

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