Posted by: Phyllis E | March 4, 2013

Foodbuglady Takes A Break

After many months of uninterrupted posting, this foodbuglady needs a break. Thank you for your patience and for your continued interest in eFoodAlert.


  1. Wishing you some well deserved R and R.
    Bless you for all you do!!!!

  2. Enjoy your well deserved break but please come back soon….. I look forward to your posts every day. Thanks

  3. Hi Phyliis

    Enjoy the break i know what hard work goes into these blogs, just one thing before you go have you got a good link into the RASFF Alerts?

    Have fun


  4. Hope you get some much deserved R&R even though we will miss you. Stay safe and happy, and we look forward to your return.

  5. Thank you so very much!!! Enjoy your break! You have helped many!!!!

  6. Enjoy!

  7. Thank you for the important information you post. Your daily newsletter is the first email I read each day. The alerts you post are usually the first reports of recalls, etc. in our food supply. I also enjoy your Prompt Prose .

  8. Looking forward to having you back, break well earned.

  9. You deserve this break. Hope to see you back soon

  10. Buone meritate Ferie! ma……. attenzione a ciò che mangiate!!

  11. We will all miss your daily update and personal touch. Come back soon!
    Jan N.

  12. Have a great time ..but hurry back🙂

  13. Your posts will be missed!! I know a lot of people who have come to rely on receiving your daily reports, however, I also understand your need for a break. Hoping you have a restful break and that you will return in short order!!

  14. Thank you for all the timely posts. Enjoy your break!

  15. Will miss the daily posts…hope you are back soon.

  16. Dear Phyliss, Thank you for your tireless efforts. Hope you enjoy a well-deserved break. You work has helped a great deal.

  17. Dear Phyliss, Your information is invaluable and life-saving. Thank you so very much! Wishing you a wonderful vacation, and looking forward to your return . You will be greatly missed by us all.

  18. Enjoy your well deserved break! Thank you for providing so much valuable information.

  19. Same here – you will be missed but enjoy your well deserved break.

  20. Thank you Phylis ! The break is well deserved and I look forward to you coming back ! Leslie.

  21. Ditto from me, too.

  22. Debbie said it very well, so I’ll say: Ditto =).

  23. *You deserve it!*

  24. thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf.
    enjoy your much needed time off.
    Dr. A. Brent

  25. I will miss receiving your daily email. We in the food business appreciate everything you do.

  26. I also find your daily email to be invaluable. I forward it to friends and family in hopes of preventing foodborne illness. I hope you enjoy your break but come back soon!

  27. Thank you so much. Have a good rest and I hope all is well.

  28. I found your daily email to be of great value. I often forwarded information on to friends and family. THANK YOU so much for compiling this for us. You deserve to take a long break (although I will miss your information).

  29. Have a good break from work!!!

  30. Enjoy your break! I appreciate your posts, and I’m so glad you include pet products.


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