Two cases of botulism reported in a Scottish family last week may be due to Loyd Grossman Korma sauce, according to a preliminary report released today by the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Lab tests carried out by HPA detected botulinum toxin in an opened jar of sauce obtained at the home of the affected family. According to HPA, there is no evidence suggesting that the jar could have been separately contaminated from another source.

Additional tests are in progress on the opened jar and on another unused jar of the sauce obtained from the home of the patients.

Loyd Grossman Korma Sauce (350g jars; Batch code 1218R 07:21; Best before February 2013) has been recalled, and remaining jars of the implicated batch of sauce are being removed from store shelves.

The UK Health Protection Agency is urging the public to immediately dispose of the recalled product and to be vigilant for signs and symptoms of botulism, including blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, headaches and muscle weakness.