Less than 40% of the adverse reports FDA has received on contact lenses involve Avaira® Toric lenses, eFoodAlert learned today.

The FDA’s Office of Surveillance and Biometrics has received a total of 42 adverse reports, according to FDA spokeswoman Morgan Liscinsky, and only 15 of those were associated with Avaira® Toric lenses. Ms. Liscinsky, who was responding by email to an earlier inquiry, did not identify which other brands (or manufacturers) have been named in adverse reports.

CooperVision recalled some lots of Avaira® Toric contact lenses on August 19, 2011 and reiterated its recall notice on October 12th, but has not acknowledged any problems with its other contact lens brands.

Based on reports that eFoodAlert has received from our readers, these other brands may include Frequency55, Proclear and UltraFlex contact lenses. Earlier today, I provided a consolidated list of these adverse reports both to FDA and to CooperVision.

As of yesterday, FDA was still evaluating CooperVision’s latest notification. The agency “…will advise Coopervision of any concerns that [the notification] raises,” Liscinsky explained in an email message. “Failing resolution of those concerns,” she added, “the FDA may issue separate public communication.

Personal injury attorneys, though, aren’t waiting for FDA to act. At least one firm of ambulance-chasers already is soliciting clients.

It’s past time for FDA to focus public attention on this problem by issuing a broad Consumer Alert.