Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals confirmed today that two elderly women who died of listeriosis were infected with the same strain found in Jensen Farms’ cantaloupe.

The Louisiana cases raise the death toll to 24 (including one miscarriage), and the total number of confirmed illnesses to 112. Twenty-five states now have reported at least one confirmed case of listeriosis in this outbreak.

With FDA refusing to share the results of its distribution tracing information, consumers across the US remain in the dark regarding the retail distribution of the cantaloupes that Jensen Farms recalled on September 14th. Information on retailers who sold – or did not sell – the implicated cantaloupes can be found at Jensen Farms Cantaloupes – Retail Distribution Information.

Updated information on the size and spread of the Listeria monocytogenes outbreak is available at State Of The States – Listeria monocytogenes.