Here is this week’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

  • Allergy Alert: American Spoon Foods recalls various lot codes of Apple Chipotle Salsa, Maple BBQ Grilling Sauce, and Pumpkin Chipotle Roasting Sauce, because these products may contain undeclared wheat flour.
  • Allergy Alert: Simmons’ Barbecue, Inc. (Guntersville, AL) recalls Simmons’ Barbecue, Inc. Bar-be-cue Pork With Sauce (5-lb vacuum sealed packages) and Simmons’ Barbecue, Inc. Bar-be-cue Pork With Thick Sauce (5-lb vacuum sealed packages), because they contain undeclared whey. The recalled products were packaged on Nov. 30, 2010 through Feb. 8, 2011 and shipped to wholesalers for distribution to restaurants in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.
  • Allergy Alert: Magic Valley Fresh Frozen, Inc. (McAllen, TX) recalls breaded okra produced under the HEB label from July 1, 2010 through January 31, 2011, because the product may contain undeclared whey. The recalled product (24-ounce and 5pound plastic poly bags) was sold in retail grocery stores in Texas under the HEB label
  • Allergy Alert: f’real® foods recalls f’real®Strawberry Banana Smoothies (Lot # 06/21/2012) produced at Smith Dairy Products Company in Orrville, Ohio, because the product may contain undeclared peanuts. The recalled product was distributed in New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, Oregon, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.
  • Allergy Alert: Biosan Laboratories recalls Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements sold under the Essentials™ and RightFood™ brands, as well as Therapeutix Cardio Strength and Innate Cardio Response, because these products may contain undeclared soy flour.
  • Allergy Alert: Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. recalls various Nibble With Gibble’s and Kay & Ray’s brand snack products (Sell-by February 9 to March 30, 2011) because the products may contain undeclared soy protein. The recalled snack products were distributed to institutional/restaurant accounts, club stores, and retail grocery stores, including Giant, Price Chopper (PA stores only), Walmart and Sam’s Club.
  • Food Safety Recall: St. James Smokehouse Inc. recalls Scotch Reserve Whiskey & Honey Smoked Scottish Salmon (4oz retail packs; Lot code 5797 & batch code 4759) due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. The recalled products were sold only in The Fresh Market stores in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, Maryland, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.
  • Food Safety Recall: Rouses Markets recalls wild-caught yellow fin tuna steaks sold at Rouses Markets (Product of USA; UPC Code beginning with 208732; Sell By dates between December 1, 2010 and January 27, 2011), because the previously frozen tuna steaks may have elevated levels of histamine.
  • Food Safety Recall: American Food Service (Pico Rivera, CA) recalls fresh ground beef patties and other bulk packages of ground beef products, because the products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. The recalled products were distributed to restaurants throughout southern California.
  • Food Safety Recall: The Country Market (Medical Lake, WA) recalls raw fluid milk (half-gallon containers; expiration dates of 2-4-11 through 2-11-11), because the milk may be contaminated with toxin-producing E. coli.
  • Food Safety Recall Update: The Hawaii State Department of Health issues a revision to the list of recalled products manufactured by First Commercial Kitchen LLC based on new information.
  • Alcohol Prep Pads/Alcohol Swab Recall Update: Neuro Resource Group, Inc. and Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. alert their customers that alcohol prep pads co-packaged with their respective devices have been recalled by the manufacturer, Triad Group, due to possible contamination with Bacillus cereus. Customers should not use these alcohol prep pads.
  • Pharmaceutical Product Safety Recall: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals recalls Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablets (USP 10mg / 500mg, NDC 0603-3888-20, 60 count, Lot Numbers T150G10B, T120J10E and T023M10A) and Phenobarbital Tablets (USP 32.4 mg, NDC 0603-5166-32, 1000 count, Lot Numbers T150G10B, T120J10E and T023M10A), due to a labeling mixup.
  • Dietary Supplement Safety Recall: Shaping Beauty, Inc. (Southampton, PA) recalls Celerite™ Slimming Capsules (all lots) after being informed by FDA that the weight loss dietary supplement contains undeclared Sibutramine.


  • Allergy Alert: 9225-6767 Québec Inc., d.b.a. Métro (Shannon, QC) recalls Metro Canex Saucisse enrobée de bacon (bacon-wrapped sausage), because the product may contain undeclared milk, wheat and/or soy.
  • Allergy Alert: Metro Richelieu Inc. recalls Muffin Brisure Chocolat (Chocolate Chip Muffins) and Muffin Carotte Noix (Carrot Nut Muffins) because the products may contain undeclared peanuts, almonds or pecans.
  • Allergy Alert: Super Marché Mont-Royal (1988), d.b.a. Metro (Montréal, QC) recalls Brownies, Pouding au pain and Pouding chômeur, because the products may contain undeclared egg, milk, soy, sulfites, nuts or peanuts.
  • Allergy Alert: L’intermarché (Saint-Pie, QC) recalls several prepared entrées, because the products may contain undeclared egg, soy, wheat, milk or sulfites.
  • Food Safety Recall: Fresh Taste Produce Ltd. (Toronto, ON) recalls Nature’s Reward brand fresh cilantro bunches (Product of USA; PLU 4889), because the cilantro may be contaminated with Salmonella. The recalled cilantro was sold at Walmart stores in Ontario from January 17th to January 27th.
  • Food Safety Recall: Les Aliments JR (Montreal, QC) recalls Food House brand Tahini of Sesame (400g and 1000g sizes; Exp 20/2/2012 and 21/6/2012; Product of the Syrian Arab Republic), because the product may be contaminated with Salmonella. The recalled Tahini was distributed in the province of Quebec.
  • OTC Pharmaceutical Product Safety Recall: Pharmetics Inc. recalls six health products after Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices inspection at the company’s Laval manufacturing site detects deficiencies related to the production line, including possible contamination between the product lines and some products labelled with the wrong expiry dates. The recalled products include  various production lots of Acetaminophen 500mg Tablets Extra Strength (sold at Shoppers and Loblaws), Acetaminophen, Caffeine & 8mg Codeine Phosphate Tablets (sold at Shoppers, Rexall, Loblaws and Procurity), Muscle and Back Pain Relief Extra Strength Tablets (sold at Federated Coop, and Loblaws), Sinus Medication Night Tablets (sold at Shoppers, Proxim and Rexall), Daytime Sinus Relief Extra Strength Tablets (sold at Proxim, Jean Coutu and Shoppers), Muscle and Back Pain Relief Extra Strength Tablets (sold at Loblaws, Rexall, Safeway, Uniprix, Federated Coop, Jean Coutu and Value Drug Mart) and Allergy & Sinus Relief Extra Strength Tablets (sold at Rexall and Shoppers).
  • Alcohol Swab Safety Recall Update: ICU Medical and Merck Canada Inc. warn their customers that recalled alcohol prep pads manufactured and recalled by Triad Group were co-packaged with Orbit subcutaneous infusion sets and Pegetron®, respectively. ICU has recalled its Orbit sets and Merck advises consumers not to use the alcohol prep pads co-packaged with its Pegetron® Redipen® kits.


  • Allergy Alert: Auchan recalls Auchan Le Fromager Portion de Fromage St. Nectaire (Best before 10/02/11), because the cheese may be mislabeled and may contain egg lysozyme.
  • Allergy Alert (Denmark): Kakshidi Food Imports Ltd. recalls C&P Asian Products Group Marinated Garlic (Best before 25-04-2012), due to the presence of undeclared sulfite.
  • Allergy Alert (Denmark): Kraft Foods Denmark ApS recalls Kraft French Dressing Classic, 380 ml (Best before 09.12.2011), due to undeclared celery.
  • Allergy Alert (Denmark): Danish Helios recalls Egg-free Salad Mayonnaise (Best before 14.06.2011; Lot #L39083), due to the presence of undeclared egg.
  • Food Safety Recall (Denmark): WP Meat A/S recalls several varieties of minced meats, due to Salmonella contamination.
  • Food Safety Recall (Denmark): Magnihill recalls Scan brand Agra frozen raspberries due to norovirus contamination.
  • Food Safety Recall (Denmark): A Frost A/S recalls Alletiders frozen raspberries due to norovirus contamination.
  • Food Safety Recall (Denmark): Arla Foods recalls Lark Vang semi-skimmed milk, 1-liter carton (Production date 03.02.2011), due to an incorrect expiry date.

Australia and New Zealand

  • Food Safety Recall (Australia): Pacific Trading International Pty Ltd recalls Gourmet Plus Beef Tomato Cevap – Skinless Sausage (450g packet; Best before 16/02/2011), due to unknown microbial contamination leading to early spoilage of the product. The recalled sausages were sold in IGA/Foodworks stores in Victoria.
  • Food Safety Recall (Australia): Vili recalls custard-filled berliners and St George Cakes & Gelati’s recalls custard filled cannolis and éclairs because the custard-filled bakery items may be contaminated with Salmonella Typhimurium phage type 9. South Australia Health has received 84 confirmed reports of illness due to Salmonella Typhimurium phage type 9 so far this year. Two custard filled product samples from St George Cakes and Gelati, purchased at retail stores, have returned positive with STM9.
  • Food Safety Recall (New Zealand): DB Breweries Ltd recalls ‘Fuse’ vodka drink (all flavours), ‘Barrel 51’ Bourbon & Cola drink and ‘Flame’ lager (330ml; various best before date ranges), because the glass rim may break during opening due to a packaging defect.

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Food Safety Alert (Mexico): The Tijuana Health Department has warned residents and tourists that Salmonella-contaminated cilantro from the USA  has been introduced into the Mexican taco-production food chain. Mexican restauranteurs have been advised to avoid using cilantro distributed by Sabor Farms under the Tanimura & Antle, Ocean Mist, Nature’s Reward and Queen Victoria brand names.

Some supermarket chains post recall notices on their web sites for the convenience of customers. To see whether a recalled food was carried by your favorite supermarket, follow the live link to the supermarket’s recall web site.

*The Kroger umbrella encompasses numerous supermarket, marketplace and convenience store chains, listed on the Kroger corporate home page.