There are numerous Western-style fast food outlets in Bangkok, including Dunkin’ Donuts. And 7-11 Stores are even more plentiful that in many U.S. cities. But the locals prefer their own version of fast food. Here are a few examples of what we saw while walking along some of the main streets of central Bangkok. Click on the individual photos to get the “big picture”.

First, here’s a bird’s eye view of one of the food “strip malls”. Note the signature “7-11” store colors on the building across from the food stalls.

Anyone for fresh-squeezed orange juice? We saw several of these mini-factories along the sidewalks. The stall operator spent her time between customers hand-juicing the oranges. When the metal cup was full, she would pour the contents into the plastic pitcher. Once the pitcher was filled, she poured the juice into the plastic bottles and closed the bottles with self-sealing screw-caps. To her credit, the sealed bottles of juice were kept on crushed ice (unlike the juice in the pitcher).

Here are a few of the breakfast and lunch options available at sidewalk stalls. Many of the foods are mixed or dispensed by ungloved hand, and the food must fend for itself amid the hustle-bustle of street traffic.

And now for dessert. These lovely cakes and cream-filled pastries were protected in covered display cases from the air pollution and street traffic – but there was nothing to prevent the pastries from spoiling in the 30ºC heat of mid-morning Bangkok.

Bon Appétit!